Vlad Polupan
Frontend Developer

About Me

Hello! My name is Vlad Polupan and I’m 33 years old. I’m creative front-end developer of varying complexity and orientation.

I believe my main qualities are: singleness of purpose, responsibility, ability to learn everything new quickly and solve tasks of any complexity, show initiative in the architectural solutions of the project. I stick to the motto: The more complex the task, the more interesting to solve it!

I've been working in web development since 2012, and I have seen a lot and had to keep up with the fast ever-changing web environment technologies. I've worked as a part of a team or independently.

At the beginning of my career, I started out as back-end developer. I got experience with backend frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Zend Framework, Yii2, Symphony. I'm familiar with CMS WordPress and Magento (writing, setting up your own and ready themes, plugins). Now this backend background allows me to see the full picture when solving complex architectural problems.

After few years of work, I realized that I was inspired by the visual part of the web. I completely switched to development isomorphic React and Angular 2+ applications. Also I developed small projects on Svelte and Vue. Over the years of work as front-end developer has received deep knowledge in functional programming, SOLID Principles, OOP, performance optimization, interactive interfaces, JAMstack, CSS pre-processing (LESS and SASS), responsive and adaptive html markup, accessibility standards, hybrid applications on React Native and Ionic Framework.

In my free time I learn and experiment with WebGL technologies. I have experience with Three.js, BabylonJS, GLSL, Unity, Unreal. Also I'm specialize in interactive technologies like VR/AR/XR, Kinect and Projection Mapping.

My main goal is to use advanced technologies to achieve a completely new level of user experience and engagement of web projects.

Technical skills

HTML5 | CSS | Preprocessors (SCSS, LESS, SASS) | JavaScript (ES5, ES6+) | TypeScript | React (Hooks, Context Api, Redux) | GatsbyJS | Angular 2+ | RxJS | SSR | NGXS | NGRX | Svelte | Canvas | WebGL | ThreeJS | BabylonJS | GLSL | Webpack | Rollup | Gulp | NodeJS | PostgreSQL | MySQL | PHP | Laravel | Wordpress | Ruby | Ruby on Rails


Indie games
Senior Frontend developer
at AgriChain (Kiev, Ukraine)

Developing new functionality, design architecture and refactoring old implementations for agrobusiness management systems on React and Angular frameworks.

2019 - Present
Senior Frontend developer
at BetInvest Ltd. (Kiev, Ukraine)

Development and design architecture of a betting game platform from scratch on React and React Native.

2019 (Mar) - 2019 (Oct)
Frontend developer
at Tallium Inc. (Kiev, Ukraine)

Worked as a javascript developer on Angular 2+ and React projects, designing architecture of isomorphic applications.

2017 - 2019
Fullstack developer
at Mobilunity (Kiev, Ukraine)

Implemented a wide range of tasks from writing backend functionality for CRM systems and REST services to writing high-loaded applications on React and Angular.

2016 - 2017
Fullstack developer
at Eclectic Solutions (USA)

Worked remotely as a php / full-stack developer developing on Magento, Wordpress, ZF2, Ruby on Rails

2015 - 2016
PHP Developer
at IDeus (Kharkov, Ukraine)

For the 2 years together with development team have done many different projects on various frameworks and cms as backend developer.

2013 - 2015
Computer Academy «‎Step»
PHP Programming. Wordpress and Drupal basics.
Computer Academy «‎Step»
Web technologies. Website development. JS basics.
Power engineer
2004 - 2010
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